Much more closer to Visual Merchandising

Finally, my Internship in Visual merchandising has just kicked off. It’s been a good start. Styling mannequins, understanding Retail in a broader light, maintaining the Visual Merchandising standards has been my work since a week.

Oh, I must tell that initially, it was all easy and fun but when it came to the doing part, it was difficult. Collecting the right merchandise for the display is not as easy as I thought. There are few constraints like it has to be color coordinated, it should go with the theme, it should be highlighted with nice accessories like shoes, bags, jewellery.

I could manage to do that too but the hardest part was to handle the mannequin. It seemed to me as if  it is a big sized delicate doll. My thoughts about the doll were different earlier. Now the mannequin has changed it all. The wrist, arms, legs, torso, upper body, stand, I have got to know all. I can be proud of myself that I can handle the mannequin properly.

There was a day when I and one of my friend had styled 7 mannequins. .The others days are spent talking to the sales staff about how they arrange their merchandise. I have spoken to 20 sales person as of yet. It’s been a great experience. I have tried to understand the folding in different categories.

I had also tried to help one of the sales staff to get their stock displayed properly, according to my VM knowledge. The good part is, the display is working it’s charm. I am going to post the pictures soon.

For five days, I had a very bad pain in legs due to continuously being on the floor. Now, I think, my legs are in love with Visual Merchandising too. 🙂



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