Fun equals Visual or vice versa

Hahaha! This one is funny and interesting. I knew about Visual merchandising which is for products kept in store, where you can touch and feel the product, enjoy its related ambience in the store but there is something out there called Visual merchandising for online world. Really? How shall I make sense out of it?

Is it something like, compensating for online products with better graphics, clearer pictures, exciting product description, brief descriptions! Since, it is only ‘See’ sense, (‘Hear’ and ‘Speak’ are secondary )which dominates our online experience, then why can’t we as Visual merchandisers have the requisite, online. I think, this is more or less on the lines of, Online Visual Merchandising.

I came across this notable piece of information. Visual merchandising trick for Online products

See, how the designers and bloggers have featured their prooducts!

If we talk in general, we just need a model adorned in the clothes which needs to sell, a camera to shoot, a location maybe. It is easy to understand why this brand called ‘ Quirk box’ has used a colored background behind the model, which definitely steals our attention.


Why we need props while selling online? These are the photographed pictures of the products shared on their brand’s facebook page. Don’t you think these props make the product stand out? This is for a brand called ‘Anthropolgie’


Ohh! This one is my favourite. I shared it on my Facebook profile too. This Indian-designer wear brand is promoting their ‘Sky Balloons’ print collection. See, how quirky they are! Using chalk, street and what not. Does this picture asks for your attention? Purpose solved.

1400440_917062194975696_365503267940156181_o (1)

The colors are so awesome and looks great, too! Everything is in-sync and balanced. Isn’t it pleasant to the eye?’Anthropolgie’ brand promoting bags online.


To sum it up, a small exciting video to understand Visual merchandising online, Video:Perfect way to Visually merchandise from Anthropologie

Thank you.


One comment

  1. Tarun Satwani · October 25, 2014

    Woah, this is interesting! Shall dig more on it soon. Thanks for sharing:-)


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