Burberry’s simplicity in Visual merchandising

 Errr! I am in love with this word called ‘Observation’ and my Visual Merchandising faculty had wished me to do the same as a part of one of our class assignment. Observe. Analyse. Observe. Analyse.

We, as in our class was divided into groups of four. So we all went to four stores. The activity was to observe the Visual Merchandising practice in a Luxury brand and a large retail store format like Pantaloons, Big Bazaar. The brands we had chosen were, Burberry and Pantaloons, another set of The Collective and Big Bazaar.


First we thought of approaching the Burberry store, which is in Palladium Mall, Mumbai. Me and my friends entered the evenly lit store. With our first step inside the store we just started observing as if we were all FBI agents who were asked to observe. We need to come back with few answers like  how many products are kept in a stack, props used, the attraction point when one enters the store, how the merchandise was displayed.

Luxury brands like to keep themselves simple that is the one thing which I realized after entering the store.

A table display in front with wooden tray as a prop.


These wooden trays were carrying folded shirts, t-shirts, three at a time. Burberry’s display technique is very simple and easy. Belts were displayed in a manner which I haven’t seen anywhere. They had a standing wooden box of a fixture where only a part of belt was shown starting from the buckle and the two-third of it’s portion is hidden inside that hollow box, so that they can hide the other end of the belt hanging, which does not gives a clean look.

Thumbs up for that!

Another prop was a metallic cuboid frame to hang the scarf or a hanger of the shirt/t-shirt. These frames were kept at the top of wall displays, so that one can easily see. Another thing to notice is the sofa placed strategically inside the store .


When it comes to hanging suits, jackets, they always hang two pieces of the same merchandise in two different sizes.They also hang a classic piece facing the customer while all the rest are displayed side ways all on the same rod within the shelf.


I must say Women’s section was exciting in comparison to the men’s section. The women section seemed it was nicely replenished of all the needed merchandise and the same was missing in the men’s section. I mean to say, there was variety to see in Burberry Women.

Mannequins were wearing the AW Collection standing on a podium creating a fashion Island .


There were no window displays to look for. it was simple, a mannequin was standing in the limited window space. The store is something to look forward to. It’s ambience, the classy merchandise from Burberry.

I also looked for a damaged mannequin or chipped one from the edges. But I could not find any.

That’s all for Burberry from me. The other observations I ll be sharing in the next post. I thought of having a elaborate post on Burberry’s Visual Merchandising since it is known for class and sophistication.

Thank You

*All the pictures are taken from the internet.







  1. MaryR · September 9, 2014

    Ah, I fondly remember “field trips” while studying visual merchandising. Enjoy! Its a wonderful field to be involved in!


    • kanikaagarwal11 · September 9, 2014

      Yeah, I also feel the same. It is really very exciting to be a part of these ‘Field trips’. 🙂

      I am glad that you could relate to my experience and reminisce yours.


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