Indian Wedding Grooms!


We all know about India that it is a traditional country, full of colors, rituals. Marriage is also a part of this Indian tradition. Keeping all these things in mind, I have created few window display ideas for showcasing the Groom collection.

So, it has to be Indian elements, its colors like the instruments played during the wedding, red color. Red color because each one of us, who is from India recognizes it as the wedding color on a great level.

But we can always experiment with all these elements. I just wanted to create a royal experience and there are many ways of doing so. Two of them, I have shared here.

Drop in your ideas too, I can create a Window concept on that as well. One never know when that idea can reach the execution. I will definitely give credit to the person. 🙂

Please share your feedback.

Thanks everyone. 🙂



Jade Blue_1 Jade_Blue_2



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