Wonders of the Spotlight


Another observation. I told you, I am just observing these days. Until and unless,my mind and my eyes are bored of it, badly, then only, I am not going to stop.

I feel ‘Light is so important’.It enables us to see things, find them,  lets us appreciate the beauty of picturesque landscapes.It is so wonderful to have light on this planet.Even if it is artificially produced then also it never loses its charm, at least in the VM World, where one has to arrange the lights as aesthetically as possible. 

Light is used to create an effect. LED Bulbs, Halogens, Fitted lights, ohh gosh! there are so many. These light effects readily attracts people/customers. This light helps the customers to fall in love with the beauty of the product. They say, ‘Be stingy about the lights and their use at home, save them but be generous on lights at your retail store’. 

I completely agree to this. To see it’s relevance, let’s have a look at few windows which made the best use of it.1234805_1459611620937509_473431859_n 1544347_1459611597604178_651387630_n 1948148_1459611630937508_1089828954_n 1920165_1459611604270844_1120618193_n princess-frog-a window-display British-India-window-display-Singapore

Picture Courtesy: Rare Basic, Best Window Displays, Retail Design Blog

Thank You all.

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