Prospect Client’s Window Display.



Once a Client came up to me asking if I can design a Window Display for them. I surely can, I knew. 🙂 . I created a Window Concept, keeping their beautiful Elephants in mind which are the Show pieces at their store and their logo too. I felt an urge to include elephants in the window. That too fabricated ones, colored, of course.

But first thoughts are sometimes really not appreciated. I say this because I fell in love with the idea of this window display but people around me told that it is not at all for the Indian people like people wont be able to understand the concept. And it is not a good Window Display, if it is not attractive to the target audience.

Finally, I am presenting this idea which I had in mind for them.

The core of the idea was Mumbai being a fast city, people has stopped noticing beautiful things which they could have seen on their way to work. They have stopped appreciating nature’s beauty or anything of that sort. I wished to have a window where only the colors of the product should hugely come up,not at all getting unnoticed, in any case.

Those beautiful, eye- catching elephants really caught my attention and that’s what I wished to present in the window. I wanted to show these brightly colored elephants against a gray backdrop. For this background image, I used Mumbai’s grayscale picture to let these bright elephants come up easily and wish each and every passer-by.

I wished this could’ve happened.

Do tell me, what you guys think of the idea. 🙂


#mumbaiwindowdisplay #thebombaystore #fort #mumbairetail



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