Those Fashion layouts

IMG_20151018_175711Subtle it with this color.IMG_20151018_182123       Let’s peek into the wardrobe of that Architect.


Much more closer to Visual Merchandising

Finally, my Internship in Visual merchandising has just kicked off. It’s been a good start. Styling mannequins, understanding Retail in a broader light, maintaining the Visual Merchandising standards has been my work since a week.

Oh, I must tell that initially, it was all easy and fun but when it came to the doing part, it was difficult. Collecting the right merchandise for the display is not as easy as I thought. There are few constraints like it has to be color coordinated, it should go with the theme, it should be highlighted with nice accessories like shoes, bags, jewellery.

I could manage to do that too but the hardest part was to handle the mannequin. It seemed to me as if  it is a big sized delicate doll. My thoughts about the doll were different earlier. Now the mannequin has changed it all. The wrist, arms, legs, torso, upper body, stand, I have got to know all. I can be proud of myself that I can handle the mannequin properly.

There was a day when I and one of my friend had styled 7 mannequins. .The others days are spent talking to the sales staff about how they arrange their merchandise. I have spoken to 20 sales person as of yet. It’s been a great experience. I have tried to understand the folding in different categories.

I had also tried to help one of the sales staff to get their stock displayed properly, according to my VM knowledge. The good part is, the display is working it’s charm. I am going to post the pictures soon.

For five days, I had a very bad pain in legs due to continuously being on the floor. Now, I think, my legs are in love with Visual Merchandising too. 🙂


Fun equals Visual or vice versa

Hahaha! This one is funny and interesting. I knew about Visual merchandising which is for products kept in store, where you can touch and feel the product, enjoy its related ambience in the store but there is something out there called Visual merchandising for online world. Really? How shall I make sense out of it?

Is it something like, compensating for online products with better graphics, clearer pictures, exciting product description, brief descriptions! Since, it is only ‘See’ sense, (‘Hear’ and ‘Speak’ are secondary )which dominates our online experience, then why can’t we as Visual merchandisers have the requisite, online. I think, this is more or less on the lines of, Online Visual Merchandising.

I came across this notable piece of information. Visual merchandising trick for Online products

See, how the designers and bloggers have featured their prooducts!

If we talk in general, we just need a model adorned in the clothes which needs to sell, a camera to shoot, a location maybe. It is easy to understand why this brand called ‘ Quirk box’ has used a colored background behind the model, which definitely steals our attention.


Why we need props while selling online? These are the photographed pictures of the products shared on their brand’s facebook page. Don’t you think these props make the product stand out? This is for a brand called ‘Anthropolgie’


Ohh! This one is my favourite. I shared it on my Facebook profile too. This Indian-designer wear brand is promoting their ‘Sky Balloons’ print collection. See, how quirky they are! Using chalk, street and what not. Does this picture asks for your attention? Purpose solved.

1400440_917062194975696_365503267940156181_o (1)

The colors are so awesome and looks great, too! Everything is in-sync and balanced. Isn’t it pleasant to the eye?’Anthropolgie’ brand promoting bags online.


To sum it up, a small exciting video to understand Visual merchandising online, Video:Perfect way to Visually merchandise from Anthropologie

Thank you.

Tête-à-Tête with Anuraag Singhal


I recently got an opportunity to meet this guy. Ohh! Sorry! I met this person named Anuraag Singhal, who has been a leading and award winning Visual Merchandiser from Madura Group, India. He has been setting the foundation for Visual Merchandising, broadly speaking that of creativity in India since his teenage years.

I realized now why I used ‘guy’ for him at the first place. He would be around 40 years or so but his energy was immense and infectious. It did not come in my mind that he is really older than me for even once. He is vibrant and friendly.

I just wanted to meet him, discuss about Visual Merchandising and seek some guidance.

We met in Mumbai. After a normal chit-chat, I asked the question which was in my mind for long, ‘How did he start as a Visual Merchandiser?’ This answer stunned and inspired me at the same time. He told me, First, he got into advertising  where he used to create artworks using the Powerpoint , no other software at all. Then he used to take Creativity sessions and Workshops at NIFT. After his Advertising stint, he moved to Jet Airways for financial stability. He was still continuing with his NIFT sessions. One day something noteworthy happened, Shoppers Stop was recently launched that time and they were looking for a creative person. This news went to NIFT soon and everybody recommended his name. He went on to meet the Shoppers Stop CEO, who told Anuraag, that they are looking for a Visual Merchandiser. Questions started rising in his mind. Now what is Visual Merchandising, the most prominent question of all. Since, that was the time when nobody would have heard about this term. Though he used to freelance for Raymonds, creating their window Displays, he never happened to stumble upon  this term called Visual Merchandising. After knowing all, he accepted the offer. That’s how he started into VM.

The best part is he can do anything which involves creativity not only Visual Merchandising but interior designing, cartooning, illustrations, anything. He read books based on Visual Merchandising especially that of Martin Pegler’s to make his mind adept to this concept. He soon understood the working of it and implemented everything in his work.

He has a written a book which is considered as a Bible in Visual Merchandising in India. He is planning to launch other books too. He publishes a monthly newsletter on Visual Merchandising called ‘ Think tank’.

He is so full of knowledge and ideas. When we discussed about  what matters in Visual Merchandising, his straight reply was, ‘the thing which matters is how you can use the given space effectively and generating more sales of the merchandise kept in that space. This is the only which one should think about’.

Besides, all this, he write Puns and One liners , utilizing the power of Social Media. I must say, one can never ignore his writings. I would like to end it with one of his one-liners, ‘Whatever you do in life, always give 100%…unless you’re donating blood…’

I forgot to take a picture since I was too engrossed in the conversation. It was not at all an interview, therefore I am not quoting his words. I am putting forward my interpretation and my words.

The meeting was really great and in that half an hour, I understood whole lot of things about Visual Merchandising than I ever read on Internet or in books.

So any aspiring Visual Merchandiser needs to know about him, how he has taken the creative responsibility for Allen Solly in India, his award-winning work,  his work getting published in the Martin Pegler’s Book of Visual Merchandising, on an International level and there are so many other victories of him.

We would definitely like to know more about him but sometime later, unstacking his victories and knowledge. That’s all from my side.